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Often, one needs to quickly get the attention of people in a specific area for any number of reasons; usually safety related. Due to high noise levels, a visible flashing light is the best solution. SWS is proud to design/manufacture state-of-the-art warning beacons with input voltages ranging from 12VDC to 240VAC.

All designs use our field-proven LED technology. Many legacy units have transitioned from strobe to LED for the following reasons:

  • Similar or less unit cost, particularly as LED technology advances
  • Similar or brighter light output that does not vary over time or voltage
  • 5-Year warranty on LED electronics; better reliability & robustness (no glass to break)
  • Lower power consumption saves energy and energy costs - go green!
  • Less heat generated means unit longer life and less cooling needed
  • Much less to no EMI/RFI with specific designs that employ low voltages
  • No maintenance costs; no bulbs to replace; less danger from strobe bulbs in high places and finally
  • Less facility danger due to malfunctioning strobe lights that can’t convey the danger signal

A constant innovator since 1969; SWS holds multiple patents with three more in process in 2015. We use advanced, in-house SMT pic-n-place robotics and then encapsulate to minimize the effects of vibration, dust and moisture, thus providing a robust and reliable unit!

All SWS Fresnel lens are made from tough polycarbonate and the bases are high-impact polycarbonate, aluminum, SS or zinc alloy. We offer three sizes in six colours to meet your needs. Almost all devices conform to IP66; most are cCSAus approved; some are Class 1, Div 2; certified. We even have a Class 1, Div 1unit coming soon.

Proudly North American made! SWS - the leaders in professional warning lights.