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Our Intelligent™ TRU 360° LED Beacons use the latest LED technology, intelligent and upgradeable software and customizable synchronizations to give you maximum safety, visibility and control over lighting for agriculture, construction, material handling, municipal Public Works, road work and construction vehicles, as well as those in law enforcement.

We’ve combined high quality electronic design with the classic warning light style to offer unparalleled mechanical, electrical and optical technology for your fleet vehicle. Strobe and LED beacons are also available in low, medium and high profile models, as well as heavy duty and rotating. Our LED Beacon with upward lighting offers full spectrum lighting and creates a flashing wash of light on all surfaces – ideal for the mining industry, where bouncing light on upper surfaces of underground mining routes is essential to the safety of underground workers.

Intelligent™ TRU 360° LED Beacon Features

  • 12 – 24 Vdc
  • Quick breakdown (Modular Mechanical) design means everything from the lens to the main circuit board and individual LED boards can be replaced by removing a few screws    
  • Synchronize up to 16 lights with i-Network system; connect two separate wires and all your lights will flash, dim and switch patterns together
  • Fully encapsulated electronics protect internal circuitry from elements, dirt and debris
  • Adaptive thermal management regulates temperature to avoid overheating of circuitry
  • AutoDim technology dims light at night; or connect the light’s intelligent dimming connection to a switch for controlled dimming
  • Battery Check™ alerts you if your vehicle’s battery voltage drops below 11.5V, so you won’t be stranded in the field
  • Hassle-free field serviceability and easy future upgrades for new flash patterns and software updates save you frustration, downtime and money
  • Multiple user selectable flash patterns
  • Now with 10 Year Warranty (207xx and 238xx series)

Features of low, medium and high profile Intelligent™ LED beacons vary. We can help you choose the right Beacon, mounting solution and warning light package for you. Contact us today.