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Mini Light Bars

Our Intelligent™ LED Reflector Minibars use the latest LED technology, intelligent software and optical design to give you the brightest, most energy efficient light visible from every angle. This ensures the visibility and safety of municipal Public Works and Utilities employees, road work crews, construction teams, law enforcement officials and others in all weather conditions while providing clear direction to passing motorists.

These minibars are built to last for years of operation, but will never look outdated – their modern, low profile, seamless look complements the style of your fleet vehicle. Choose from a range of models including standard; new TRU 360°; split level minibars and auxiliary lights.

Intelligent™ LED Reflector Minibar Features

  • Anodized, heavy duty extruded aluminum base and impact resistant dome with U.V. inhibitors 
  • Synchronize up to 16 lights with i-Network system; connect two separate wires and all your lights will flash, dim and switch patterns together
  • Fully encapsulated electronics protect internal circuitry from elements, dirt and debris
  • AutoDim technology dims light at night; or connect the light’s intelligent dimming connection to a switch for controlled dimming
  • Battery Check™ alerts you with an erratic flash pattern if your vehicle’s battery voltage drops below 11.5V, so you won’t be stranded in the field
  • Hassle-free field serviceability and easy future upgrades for new flash patterns and software updates save you frustration, downtime and money
  • Low and high profile models available in multiple colours
  • Multiple user selectable flash patterns We can help you choose the right Minibar, mounting solution and warning light package for you.

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