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Traffic Directors

Our highly programmable LED traffic director offers a wide range of traffic directing and warning patterns to fit any situation, and includes options for rear cargo work lighting and/or stop, tail/turn lights (model 59041). Whether you need to light the cargo area of your vehicle so you can work safely at night or require lights to ensure other drivers see you with plenty of room to spare, we have the equipment for you.

If you’re pulling a trailer or often drive in congested traffic areas, you need maximum visibility. These are exactly the types of situations the stop/tail/turn model is designed for – it offers the option of having the turn signals located higher on your vehicle, ensuring your safety and that of everyone around you. This stoplight model also features a slim-line, low profile design that eliminates the potential safety risk of blocking the vehicle high mount brake lighting system when installed on a headache rack.

LED Traffic Director features

  • 12 – 24 Vdc operation
  • 24 high brightness LED (warning lights) over a 48-inch length direct and warn traffic effectively
  • Fully encapsulated electronics and gold-plated terminals protect internal circuitry from elements, dirt and debris
  • Designed to function in extremely wet environments; will allow certain amount of water infiltration
  • 4 high brightness white LED cargo/work lights controlled from control box 
  • Model 59041 has 4 integrated red brake lights for maximum visibility 
  • Anodized, extruded aluminum body and durable Solid State design endure extreme weather conditions
  • Polycarbonate front lens with rubber seal
  • Universal cable; quick disconnect
  • Easy maintenance 

We can help you choose the right Traffic Director, mounting solution and warning light package for you. Contact us today.